Saturday, February 28, 2015

Learning About Leadership Part 2: Leadership Day

It has been almost two years since my school officially began our adventure in becoming a Leader in Me School. So far it has been quite a journey. Friday we held our first Leadership Day. It was amazing. I can remember going to other school's Leadership Days and thinking could our kids do this? It was so exciting to see that they could.

The teachers and students have been working on putting this day together for quite a while. As the day finally got closer more and more kids really wanted to take part. We were excited for a big turnout and then... winter finally hit Colorado. With several days of snow and a school kind of a long drive from Denver we all got nervous our big day may not happen. You know it is a big day when neither teachers nor students want a snow day!
Friday morning the sun decided to come out and our Leadership Day began. The kids took over. It was so much fun to see them being leaders. It truly brought out the best in so many kids. Shy kids were introducing themselves to guests and guiding them to their seats. Kids who had at times been difficult were carrying leadership flags and acting as tour guides.

Students holding their habit flags.

After the opening ceremonies our guests spent two hours touring the classrooms and talking with students and teachers. The tour guides were so proud to show off all the work they had done. The walls in our school are all about goals and leadership. Teachers try to integrate lessons on leadership into all the content areas.
Literacy bookmarks for catching characters displaying the 7 Habits.

Kindergarten data wall.

Second grade learning about synergizing.

Intervention classroom thinking about their futures.
The day ended with a speech by Matt Miller who reminded all of us the the reason we do all of this is to bring out the leader in every student!

This day made me think back about why we wanted to become a Leader in Me school. When I was asked this question by a visiting administrator it took a minute, but eventually I remembered. We decided we wanted to do more for our students. We wanted to realize what was great in each of them and give each of them a chance to shine.