Friday, February 21, 2014

Close Reading

Recently there has been a lot more focus put on close reading.  This is especially true in districts using the Common Core Standards.  Close reading can be an important tool when teaching comprehension.  When doing a close read students are taught to return to the text over and over again.  They learn to use evidence from the text to support answers.  This rereading allows students to focus on content and develop a deeper understanding.

Some things to consider when choosing a text for close reading are…
ü  Passages should be short- Remember your students are going to be reading this multiple times you do not want it to be too much.
ü  Passages need to have content worthy of close reading- Not all passages are created equal and not all passages require close reading.   Make sure there is enough in the passage to engage and challenge your students.
Teaching your students to “Read with a Pencil”

Reading with a pencil helps students to pay attention to the text and helps them to use evidence when answering questions.  When reading with a pencil students are more active.  This is not a skill that young students pick up on their own.  It has to be modeled.  Help your students learn to be reading detectives by guiding them through this process.

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